Animal Runtz Strain Seeds (Feminized)

Animal Runtz Strain Seeds (Feminized)

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Ready to be shocked by Animal Runtz, an indica-dominant hybrid that has the cannabis world by storm. This strong hybrid between Animal Cookies and Runtz has an amazing flavor profile!

Consider this: an incredible blast of fruity tartness hits your taste sensations in a sequence, followed by a sweet-sour, citrusy exhale. And that's not all! Animal Runtz is known for its wintry aspect, which sets it apart in any garden. Trichomes for days! 

But this natural beauty is more than simply a visually appealing face. This is favored by makers of all skill levels due to its extreme durability and rich yields. Even beginners can succeed growing this low-maintenance strain. Flowering takes roughly 8-9 weeks, with a possible harvest of 450-500g per square meter. That's a win-win!

Here's what makes Animal Runtz so unique:

  • Flavor Explosion: A unique combination of sweet, tangy, and fruity aromas that will attract your taste buds.
  • Frosty Goodness: This variety of cannabis has an amazing frosty appearance that is sure to make people smile.
  • Grower- Friendly: This cannabis seed is hardy and low-maintenance, making it a good option for growers of all skill levels.
  • Heavy Yields: Prepare for a bumper crop of up to 450-500g per square meter.
Parent Strains Animal Cookies x Runtz
Indica % 60
Sativa % 40
Time to Grow 56 Days
Taste Citrus, Flowery, Sweet
Effects Relaxation, Euphoria
Treatment Of Feeling Pain, Stress, Anxiety

If you're on the lookout for a strain that merges stunning beauty, resilience, and productivity, then search no more than Runtz weed seed . Do not overlook this opportunity to experience this extraordinary variety and witness firsthand the enchantment it can bring to your garden!